TCP 004: Just Add Oil – A Startup 20 Years in the Making

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John Roberts isn’t your typical 68-year old. While he’s enjoyed a long and very successful career as a real estate developer in the DC Metro area, drifting off to retirement amid streets lined with palm trees and country clubs is the last thing on John’s mind.

As the Founder and CEO of Dynatec, a startup focusing on automotive lubricants, John’s presence exudes the passion and energy you might expect from someone less than half his age. His company, and specifically his MPG+ oil additive, is trying to revolutionize something billions of people depend on every day but rarely think about: engine oil.


Prior to starting Dynatec, John was in the real estate development, home building and general contracting business for nearly 40 years. In this episode we explore John’s journey over the past 20 years as he’s developed his patent-pending product, what led him to start Dynatec, and what it’s like living the startup dream later on in life.

I look forward to putting John’s product through some of our own tests and will report back with before-and-after dyno and fuel economy results later on this season.

Lastly, check back in a week or so for a link to John’s Kickstarter campaign and more information on his products. I really wish him all the best!

In this episode you’ll learn

  • What John’s family thinks about his career change at age 68 [3:10]
  • Why it took John 18 years to start this business [10:00]
  • How John’s father was instrumental in shaping John’s interest in mechanics [18:00]
  • The moment when John realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur [24:00]
  • The active ingredient in John’s MPG+ product [50:20]
  • What keeps John up at night as a 68 year-old entrepreneur [1:02:00]
  • The cartoon that inspired John at age 27 to push through big challenges [1:19:00]

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