TCP 012: Alfa Romeos and Pro Detailing with Michael Stoops of Meguiar’s

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This week I’m joined by Mike Stoops, an automotive detailing expert at Meguiar’s who also happens to be an Alfa Romeo aficionado and maintains a seemingly endless well of in-depth automotive history and knowledge.

Mike has been passionate about cars his whole life.  Growing up in Detroit – The Motor City as it’s known in the USA – meant his passion started at a young age.  He was an avid detailing enthusiast since buying his very first car, and ultimately had the opportunity to join Meguiar’s in 2008 and turn his life long passion into a second career.

In his current position with Meguiar’s he travels the world training detailers, consumers and even other trainers in the passionate area of auto detailing. In this episode, we discuss a range of topics from Mike’s work at Meguiar’s, his love of Alfa Romeo sports cars, and he gives us a mini masterclass on detailing!

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