TCP 011: Reinventing the Commuter Car with Jerry Kroll

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(Editors Note: This episode was originally recorded back in October.)
This week I’m privileged to have Jerry Kroll, Founder and CEO of Electra Meccanica, a car company based in Vancouver, Canada. Jerry and his team are on a mission to bring to market a new kind of commuter car and hopefully disrupt an industry plagued by inefficient and non-sustainable forms of transportation.
The company’s first car, the SOLO, is a single-passenger vehicle designed for commuters that features an all-electric powertrain and promises strong performance and safety. They’re taking preorders now and are expected to begin delivery sometime in 2017.
In this episode, Jerry and I talk about his background growing up on a farm selling flowers around the world and his path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. We also dive deep into the electric car market and discuss the future of autonomous cars as it relates to car enthusiasts and commuters.
SOLO Reveal Video

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