TCP 010: Big Trucks in Afghanistan, Porsche 911s and The Future of Enthusiast Driving With Jonathan Orr

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It feels like it’s been forever, but I’m finally back with an in-depth episode covering a range of esoteric topics with my special guest Jonathan Orr.


Of all my guests, Jonathan’s background is perhaps the most eclectic of them all. Having once served our country in Afghanistan and then again as a Navy Reserve officer, Jonathan also managed to build a successful career as a public relations professional and recently started pursuing his passion for cars as a freelance automotive writer.

In this episode we go deep into his time in Afghanistan and also cover some of the unusual vehicles he was able to drive while stationed on base. We also dig into the stark reality facing today’s car enthusiasts with the proliferation of electric and autonomous cars. Lastly, Jonathan shares his story about how he acquired his beloved Porsche 996 911 and we trade stories from some of the fun cars we’ve driven lately.

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