TCP 009: Of Kiwis and Gorillas with Nick Murray

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This week I was lucky to sit down with Nick Murray who hosts a popular automotive YouTube channel that now has an audience of over 86k subscribers. During our time together, Nick shared some of his insights from reviewing cars to his approach on creating engaging videos, several of which have received over 1M views.


We also talked about a some things Nick hasn’t shared on YouTube including his life growing up in New Zealand and his adventures as a helicopter pilot. Towards the end of our chat, Nick and I had a spirited discussion about some of the cars he’s driven and he offered me some helpful perspective on my own personal car debate.


In this episode you’ll learn
  • Nick’s experience and perspective as a rising automotive YouTuber [4:43]
  • Nick’s passion for photography and early YouTube beginnings [8:40]
  • The real story behind Nick’s infamous Porsche 911 video with nearly 2M views [12:02]
  • The boundaries between Nick’s YouTube life and private life [19:05]
  • Growing up in New Zealand [25:45]
  • What factors helped Nick’s videos surpass 1M views [30:18]
  • Nick’s helicopter beginnings and flying stories [33:00]
  • Nick’s thoughts on the future of drone racing [43:17]
  • How the E92 M3 (V8) compares to the F82 M4 (turbo six) [47:17]
  • Thoughts on the air-cooled Porsche 911 market [53:50]
  • Nick’s and I discuss recommendations for my next car [57:27]

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