A Passion for Cars and Charity with Ken Lingenfelter, Owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

 This week I had the great privilege of having Ken Lingenfelter, owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and the incredible Lingenfelter Collection, on the show to talk about his lifelong passion for cars, business, and charity.


For over 40 years, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has been creating some of the most powerful performance vehicles on the market. In addition, Ken started and owns the Lingenfelter Collection, one of America’s premier private car collections with over 150 rare and very desirable cars.

Although the Lingenfelter Collection it is closed to the general public, Ken regularly hosts large fundraising events throughout the year and very generously donates all of the proceeds to the many charities he supports.

We had a wide-ranging conversation on Ken’s life growing up in Dearborn, Michigan and following his career all the way through purchasing the Lingenfelter business from his cousin, the late John Lingenfelter. We also cover a few unique cars from the Lingenfelter Collection and discuss what maintenance is like on his Bugatti Veyron, a 254 mph production supercar!

Ken’s story is truly fascinating and it was a tremendous learning experience and pleasure having him on the show. If you want to learn more about Ken and Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, check out the following links:

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Ken’s childhood was like growing up in a GM household [3:38]
  • How the General Motors Craftsman’s Guild shaped Ken’s appreciation for cars [6:00]
  • How Ken got started in his early business ventures [10:44]
  • Why Ken got expelled for racing a Mustang at High School [17:10]
  • Ken’s first fast car experience [20:50]
  • How Ken acquired the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering business from his cousin John Lingenfelter [22:00]
  • Ken’s criteria for adding cars to his collection [29:05]
  • What full-throttle in a Bugatti Veyron feels like [36:40]
  • Ken’s passion for giving back and using his car collection for charity [39:49]
  • The cars Ken wants to add to his collection in the future [44:25]
  • Ken’s favorite driving music [49:53]
  • Ken’s thoughts on autonomous cars [55:20]

A Masterclass with World Championship Race Car Driver, Randy Pobst

This week I’m honored to have one of America’s most accomplished professional race car drivers, Randy Pobst, on the show to discuss his life and love of going fast, especially around corners!


Many of you may know Randy as the hot shoe who sets lap times for MotorTrend’s Best Driver’s Car series and also hosts his own show, The Racing Line. Yet, prior to that, Randy was a professional race car driver with over 90 career wins and has served as a factory driver for automakers like Porsche, Volvo Polestar, Mazda, and Audi, to name a few.

It was a joy having Randy on the show and I certainly learned a lot about corners, thinking ahead and going fast. If you want to learn more about Randy, check out the links below.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Randy’s early years in Europe influenced his interest in cars [1:00]
  • Randy’s first driving experience after getting his license [5:00]
  • Randy’s love of corners on the race track [7:40]
  • The evolution of Randy’s passion for auto racing starting with Autocross [8:00]
  • How Randy almost won his very first race [21:00]
  • The natural laws of passing and how to avoid crashes [27:00]
  • The time Randy coached Jessi Lang, host of The J-Turn, on how to master corners [38:30]
  • How Randy finds his fundamental focus on the track [41:00]
  • Randy’s rituals and best practices ahead of big endurance races [48:30]
  • How Randy feels about job security in this industry [56:10]
  • Randy’s retrospective after his crash at Pikes Peak in 2015 [1:04:00]
  • How Randy’s family and friends feel about his safety [1:13:10]
  • Randy’s fears on and off the track [1:16:30]
  • The people who had a big impact on Randy’s life [1:20:50]
  • The time someone tried to kill Randy and how it helped him be successful [1:25:00]
  • Fast Volvos, M3s, and cars that impressed Randy recently [1:38:40]
  • What’s next for Randy [1:53:50]

Reeves Callaway, Automotive Icon and Founder of Callaway Cars

I’m starting a summer series on American automotive icons where we’ll have some of the most successful and influential founders, engineers and racing legends on the show to share the untold stories of their craft and discuss exciting trends in the automotive industry.

This week I’m thrilled to have Reeves Callaway, founder of Callaway Cars, on the show to share some of his best stories and nuggets of wisdom he learned from a successful career spanning over 30 years in the automotive industry.


Today, Callaway Cars is known for building some of the fastest, most reliable sports cars in production today, all of which come with a full factory warranty and are 100% emissions legal in all 50 states.

Reeves also founded several other related companies including Callaway Engineering, Callaway Carbon, and Callaway Competition, and he shares some insights from those companies as well.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where Reeves got his passion for cars [3:07]
  • Reeves’ philosophy and approach to building fast cars [5:38]
  • What makes the Corvette so special [7:76]
  • The phone call that started Callaway’s Corvette program [11:00]
  • The real story behind the Callaway Corvette Sledgehammer [17:45]
  • Reeves’ friendship with John Lingenfelter [28:37]
  • Why Callaway switched from turbocharging to supercharging [36:00]
  • What Reeves thinks about electric cars and Tesla [40:00]
  • Reeves on Callaway Competition and the GT Masters [45:10]
  • A few things most people don’t know about Reeves [52:28]
  • What advice Reeves would give for people who want to start their own business [54:46]